Who is kamotachi?

Hi ! My real name is Gerard Casanovas and I’m from Spain. I was born in 90’s.

I don’t have studies related to art or videogames. I always hated the school’s teaching methods.But since I was a child I felt the need to draw, play the guitar, the piano, and create strange things with anything.

Since I had my first computer in 2001, I ‘ve always been trying to develop video games, but I always needed someone to script my games. So, after the passage of time, and after many Mcjobs, I decided to learn how to program so that I can finally develop my own games. I ‘m currently working in Kinnikuneko.

I want all my games to have a Japanese feeling. Both in the manga aesthetics of the characters and  in the soundtrack.

I want the people who play my games to feel the same nostalgia that I felt when playing my Sega Saturn in ’94.