KINNIKUNEKO is the cat protagonist (CATAGONIST ? ). He transforms into a MUSCULAR CAT  after LEMON (a strange young girl) gives him an UNDERWEAR.

Meanwhile, the earth is being invaded by aliens half Oni (Japanese demons). But maybe the aliens have come to earth for some reason more important than a simple invasion General PITAYA , GREASE and POOLBALL will face KINNIKUNEKO after each stage!

This project is crazy. The game has a very Japanese aesthetic. You can PLAY THE DEMO. Funny game, full of humor, nice animations and that it stays in your memory after playing it. Similar to other famous titles like «Metal Slug» or «Gunstar heroes». (Run’n’Gun + Bosses ). The game will be released on Steam and Itchio.  Here you can see Trailer.



  • You can listen some themes for the game in this left Player. List:

    1. Opening.

    2. Neko and Lemon

    3. Muscle Transformation

    4-DEMO Alien Airship!



Now you can download the DEMO alpha. 

***Don’t expect so much from the demo. It’s too short !!! Is a technical demo to get an idea of how the game can be! It’s not a demo of the final game ! ***