My workspace has been improving over the years. Here is a small list of my work tools. Including software and gadgets.


Cubase – Music production / Blender – 3D Modeler / Unity – Game Engine / ClipStudioPaint – illustration and animation.


  • HUION Kamvas 12.
  • HUION KD100
  • BlueYeti Microphone

I currently use a Huion PenDisplay. KAMVAS 12. It’s inexpensive and fits perfect with my desk size. I accompany it with an incredible gadget from HUION. It’s a small controller called KD100 (KeyDial 100). In it you can add shortcuts in each of its 18 buttons.

It also has a fully configurable dial, allowing you to rotate the canvas, enlarge the canvas, undo fluently …
In short, an indispensable tool that increases the fluidity of work considerably!